Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live has changed the franchise as a whole, they will never go back to how it used to be. It either you love it or you hate it. Personally, I love the game. Having a player motivation of mastery is why I love this game so much. The hardware itself is what makes this game. The story mode is pretty disappointing along with its so-called “multiplayer” in which you can only play the songs unlocked in the career mode, so no GHTV for you and your friends.

The old franchise’s five button, side-to-side hardware along with the colorways have changed completely. GHL is now a six button, up-and-down gameplay with black representing the top row and white the bottom. Although some would have preferred 4 frets with eight buttons, you might as well go play Rocksmith. Activision and FreeStyle Games really focused on the aesthetics. The first person POV and actual real people make the game more realistic in comparison to Guitar Hero’s outdated graphics. Now the music is the second big differentiation in old GH v.s. new GH.

In the past installments, you were able to purchase songs and play them forever after only one charge. In GHL their Guitar Hero TV feature gives you the ability to play hundreds of songs in a TV like setting. You pick a channel and you can jump right into the middle of a song. Once that song ends the next one starts just like any television channel. You can pay specific songs, but you will need currency and that is the downfall of GHTV. It takes the ability to play songs whenever you want away from the player and if you don’t have any coins you are left to play whatever channels are up or the sub-par setlist in career mode. Although the music library in GHTV is modern and frequently updated with new and classic songs, the pay to play dynamic takes away from its ability to be amazing.


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