Music Streaming on Consoles

Music streaming apps have only prospered over the years gaining the attention of millions along with the video game industry. Entertainment streaming apps have been available on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation for a while and now music is officially taking over. Both the Xbox One and PS4 provide music streaming apps and their own unique services for their audience. Xbox One has six available music streaming apps while PS4 has three. Companies that have collaborated with said consoles are Pandora / iHeartRadio (Xbox One) and Spotify / TuneIn (PS4). The only other available music streaming app from PS4 is their own PlayStation Music. While Xbox One has Microsofts Groove which is also available to PC owners, Simple Background made specifically for Xbox, Music Player which is a USB driven app, and VLC which dates back to original PC use. It is clear that Microsoft has the upper hand in music streaming for their consoles so how is Sony going to amp their game up?



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