Sound On or Off?

Video Game music whether it be the actual soundtrack or just added noise to make the game seem more realistic is a factor in how people perform in their gameplay. Do you prefer to listen to the game, your own music, or nothing at all? I tested this out with two games to see the importance of sound in gaming. While playing Guitar Hero, a game that encompasses music, it was so much harder to keep in tune with the song being played. My score after that was drastically different in comparison to when I could hear the actual song I was playing. I then played L.A. Noire with the sound off and it wasn’t that bad, but I felt as though it took a piece of away from the game. Also when looking around for clues the anticipation and the “hot and cold’ aspect that music plays during gameplay like that made things way harder. In conclusion, for myself, playing games with the sound on is crucial to getting the full experience of a game. Wouldn’t it be weird to play a game like Call of Duty without being able to hear your characters labored breathing or the symphony of gunfire?


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