NBA 2K’s Musical Presence

As music gets released more soundtracks are built. Although NBA 2k may not be the number one selling video game every year, it has a soundtrack to back up the amazing game play. My favorite NBA 2K Sountrack is 2K13 which was produced by the one and only, Jay Z. With incorporating the old and new, the musicality within this soundtrack never leaves you hanging. Kanye West, U2, Santigold (which is the only female on this soundtrack),  Daft Punk, Eric B. & Rakim, Phoenix, and Jay Z himself are all on the 2K13 soundtrack just to name a few. 2K17 took a different route when picking who to create the soundtrack. A collaborative team composed of alternative rock band Imagine Dragons, OVO sound producer Noah “40” Shebib, and electronic pop artist / producer / and songwriter Grimes. This dream team put together the most diverse 2k soundtrack I have ever heard thusfar from the franchise. Ranging from alternavite to pop to R&B to EDM to rock. The soundtrack even covers hip-hop not only from the U.S. with artist like Drake and Jay Z but from overseas bringing in Skepta, grime artist from the UK, and Ghemon from Italy. As time goes on the 2K scores get more and more diverse, I cant wait to see what the 2K18 list looks like.


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